How to Trim Video

Sometimes, we do not need the full length of a video files. For example, if you need to insert a segement of a video or movie file into the PPT presentation you are working on, you may be looking for a software tool which can help you clip the video length you need. Or if you only need the audio part of the video and want to use the sound as the ringtone for your mobile phone, you may also be searching for a certain piece of video trimming software. Even if you are building a slideshow project in Windows Movie Maker or Windows DVD Maker, there’s also the need to trim the source video files. So how to Trim Video exactly?

The Video Converter App comes to help. The trim function of Video Converter App lets you easily get the exact segment from a video file and then convert it to your desired video or audio format.

There are two ways to trim a video file with Video Converter App:

1. Click the Add Video button in the interface to import the video file. In the mini player at top right, click the Play button to start playing the video. While playing, press the Start to trim and Stop to trim scissors to clip the video length you need.

trim video

2. You can also input the Start Time and Stop Time values to set exact output duration for the video file.

When the clip is specified, you can then choose an output format from the profile list and then press the Start Encode button to start to convert the video at the trimmed length to the selected format.

Note: You can also trim the video file and output it to an audio file.

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