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One major drawback to the iPhone is its lack of native support for more video formats than just Quicktime files. There are apps out there to let you play them but they suffer from their own issues such as performance problems and the inability to play all the files you throw at them. Video Converter App by Shenzen Socusoft Co., Ltd. lets you put videos onto your device through WiFi or iTunes file sharing and convert them to the iPhone’s native format. It claims to support “most” video formats, and once the conversion is done it lets you save the product to your device’s native video app.

How It WorksiOS Video Converter App

The app is simple to use. Navigate to the app over WiFi or connect through iTunes, and upload videos that need conversion. Select them from the Video Source tab and hit “Convert Now”. Wait a few minutes (depending on the file type and the length and size of the video), and the converted file will appear in the Converted Videos tab. You can play them from there or save them to the device’s native app.

The app has settings to change the output resolution and adjust relative file sizes and quality of the final video. You can also turn off the option to automatically delete source videos, as well as access the support info for the developer from the Settings screen.

Pros and Cons

Simply put, the app works. I couldn’t test every know video file type in existence, but I threw a few different types at it (including an FLV and WMV file, among others) and it did a fast and clean job. The output video was as good as the input video, with no appreciable loss in image or sound quality. On my iPhone 5 it took maybe 20 seconds to get through a 6-minute HD-quality video, but I imagine most people would want to convert something a bit more substantial. You may want to plug in your device before tackling a conversion of your latest Pirate Bay acquisition.


Video Converter App is a great way to convert some of those random different video formats you have lying around so that you can watch them on your Apple devices. It seems especially useful for the output formats of modern camcorders, which is what the app developers are targeting and for which the app was purportedly designed. Video Converter App is available now for $1.99.

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