Convert MKV to iPad on Mac

Obviously, MKV video files cannot be synced with iPhone for playing natively. So what will you do if you do have several great MKV movies and want to enjoy them on the big screen of your iPad? Anyway, you will need a third-party program to help you. To be specific, you need a video converter that will go from MKV to iPad supported video format.

There are a great number of video converters that can be used to convert MKV to iPad MPEG-4 video. In this post, I’d like to take Video Converter Mac App as an example. This converter is quite easy to use. It provides optimized profiles for Apple devices including iPad and iPad mini. Using the iPad profile, you even don’t need to know about what video file formats the iPad accepts and the generated video files are perfect for viewing on the device.

How to Convert MKV to iPad Video on Mac?

Now, let me walk you through the steps to convert MKV to iPad on Mac:

1. Download and install Video Converter App onto your Mac

Video Converter is available on the Mac App Store at

2. Add MKV files

Click the + button to import the MKV files from your Mac. You can also directly drag and drop MKV files to the manager screen.

3. Choose iPad profile

After the MKV files are imported, press the Profile drop-down list to choose iPad/iPad Mini from the category. Then, you may choose iPad/iPad Mini H.264 HD Video as the output video format.

convert MKV to iPad on Mac

4. Start to convert MKV to iPad video

When all settings are done, click the Start button to start to convert MKV to iPad format.

5. Sync output video to iPad

When the conversion is done, you can reveal the output files in your Mac. Then you can feel free to transfer them to your iPad.

Note: Video Converter Mac App will automatically add the output video files to your iTunes library after conversion.

Of course, you can choose to:

Transfer video to iPad with iTunes


Transfer video to iPad without iTunes

BTW, if you think it is troublesome to play MKV movie files on iPad in this way, you can directly download iOS Video Converter App onto your iPad to help you. It enables you to transfer video files (including MKV files) from your computer (Windows or Mac), Dropbox, SkyDrive to your iPad for instant conversion and direct playback.

Video Converter App Demo (Mac Version)
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