Free Convert Video with HandBrake

In this post, I’d like to walk you through the steps to convert video files for free using the notable freeware HandBrake. HandBrake works on Windows, Mac OS and Linux, but I am going to focus on the Windows version here. You can download HandBrake for Windows for its website.

After installing and launching HandBrake, click the Source menu and choose the type of video you want to convert. Select Video File for a single file or Folder to convert all video files in a single folder.

convert video handbrake

Once the file is added, you can start tweaking your conversion settings. You can enter a destination for this conversion using the Destination box.

To quickly select appropriate transcoding settings for your device, click an option in the Preset column. There are options for the iPhone and different types of Android phones, as well as other devices like the iPod Touch, iPad, and Apple TV. You can also select one of the normal profiles.

convert video free handbrake

You can optionally modify the conversion settings after selecting a preset. For example, the Picture tab allows you to set a custom width and height for your video file.

Once you’re ready to perform the conversion, click the Start button. HandBrake will convert your selected source video and create a new video in the destination folder you specified.

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