Move Video Clips Captured with iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch from Camera Roll to Videos App

So, I have a video that I took using the camera app on my iPod Touch. Is it possible for me to move it from the Camera Roll to the “Videos” app (the blue default app) so that I can have two separate storage places for photos and videos? Or is creating a new photo album the only way to do that?

Transfer Video from Camera Roll to Videos App

Though creating a new photo album is a good way to separate video clips, the Camera Roll is still mixed with both photos and video clips. It seems that there’s no direct way to move video clips from Camera Roll or Photo Library to the Videos app on the device. Yet, I’ve found a indirect way that really works. Let me share it with you.

1. Transfer video clips from iPhone/iPad/iPod touch to computer (Windows or Mac).

You can check this article about 5 ways to transfer photos and videos from iPhone to PC.

2. Connect iPhone/iPad/iPod touch with computer (Windows or Mac) via USB cable.

3. Open iTunes on computer.

4. Add the transferred video clips to iTunes library.

5. Transfer the video clips to iPhone/iPad/iPod touch through the sync of iTunes.

6. Launch the Videos app on iPhone/iPad/iPod touch to find the video clips.


Note: If you have used some video editing apps like iMovie or video conversion apps like Video Converter App and saved the output video files to Photo Library in your device, you can also follow the above steps to move them to the Videos app.

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