How to Change iTunes 11 to Old Design

The iTunes 11 has been completely redesigned. While the new design is more attractive, not everyone likes it. If you still get used to the style of previous versions of iTunes, you can follow the tips below to make your iTunes 11 look like old iTunes:

How to Make iTunes 11 Look Like iTunes 10.x?

Show Menu Bar

It is easy to show menu bar in iTunes 11. You just pull down the menu on the top left of iTunes and select Show Menu Bar.

Show Menu Bar in iTunes 11

Show Sidebar

When the menu bar is visible in your iTunes 11, pull down the View menu and select Show Sidebar.

Show Sidebar in iTunes 11

Show Podcasts

If Podcasts isn’t listed under LIBRARY, pull down the Edit menu and select Preferences…. In the General Preferences window, tick the Podcasts option and click OK.

Show Podcasts in iTunes 11

The new design (iTunes 11):

iTunes 11 new design

The old design (iTunes 10.x):

iTunes 11 old design

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